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What If...

You knew how to powerfully lead your staff to cultivate resilience and increase flow during this global crisis and economic climate

You had a single resource to gift your staff to meet them where they are at while supporting their fundamental well being

You used this opportunity to build a loyal team that collectively knew how to stay calm, be resilient and thrive in times of adversity

You knew that because your staff were supported by your current actions, this will ripple positively into the future to enhance their life and expand your impact

THRIVE increases your productivity and impact by enhancing the vitality and wellbeing of your workforce.


The THRIVE Series is an online solution for organisations inspired to innovate and increase their productivity by enhancing the mental, emotional and physical wellbeing of their workforce.

Unlimited 24/7 access - available to stream on any device and download to your phone with app accessibility.

Wherever you go, THRIVE goes with you!

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Our Clients Include: Businesses, Schools, Mines and Departments of Education, Government and Health

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How we respond as an individual, organisation and collective is what will determine if we are going to JUST survive... or if we will choose to thrive.

With current restrictions being placed on us, we are all impacted emotionally, mentally, economically, physically and in relationship with ourselves and others.

Which leaves us with two options:

Feel powerless to the situation and diminish our well being, vitality and sense of purpose


Take control and bring back your power in a time that feels uncertain and unknown

Thrive gives you the opportunity and guidance to do the latter.

Are you in?

You're In Good Hands

 What if you could transform your team, organisation, people or students to “be” differently? What if you could gift them with life changing skills to show up everyday and be extraordinary instead of just enough and then impact those around them to do the same? Calm Mind Co are game changing.

- Broni Scarce, Business Development Director at Nutricia

The impact was immediate. What we learnt will help leaders of our business better handle the situations that test them the most when they are under stress at work so they can make the right decision when it really counts.

- Alex Temperton, Mining Manager at Glencore

Amber and the Calm Mind Co team are, in my opinion, the best placed leaders for empowering organisations to cultivate thriving cultures and positive production. Now more than ever, being able to regulate one's state, is a gift that every person who runs a business and or works in the business deserves access to and Amber, Brett and the team deliver this in spades. I can't wait to see the impact that their work has on our next generation of inspired and activated businesses, leaders and entrepreneurs.

- Ben Wellington, Performance Coach & Cofounder at

The Program:

THRIVE is a 10 module, interactive video-based training program with live expert coaching that teaches effective and smart mental, emotional and physical enhancement strategies.

It’s for inspired organisations who want increased productivity, fulfilment and impact from their workforce.

It comes with unlimited 24/7 access - available to stream on any device and download to your phone with app accessibility. Wherever you go, THRIVE goes with you. It’s your go-to resilience and growth resource to return to over and over again.









  • Done for you recordings that guarantee embodied learning
  • Breakthrough tools to overcome procrastination and sabotage
  • Restorative practices revitalising the mind, body and self-connection
  • Prompts and worksheets that fast track growth and stimulate inspiration

THRIVE Works Like This

Our THRIVE program is structured so that you get immediate access to everything. The expert coaching calls are on the third Tuesday of every month, hosted on Zoom and all the recordings are stored in our BONUS section for access at your leisure. It’s a self-paced program designed to empower you to create the rituals and daily structure you need to THRIVE in every area of your life. 

Within the 10 main modules of the program, you will find video tutorials, tools and techniques, worksheets and additional knowledge resources.

When we have proven routines that support our mind, body and human spirit, we can maintain a centred internal world that can adapt to change.

What's Inside:


Learn expert techniques for how to turn your mind into a tool for cultivating mental strength, tuning into creative inspiration and activating self empowerment at will.

Emotional Resilience

Understand how to tap into your creative flow and wellbeing by understanding how to harness the five elements of intelligence: logical, emotional, adaptability, intuitive and somatic.

Purpose & Fulfilment

A guided module that taps into the subconscious to support you to get clarity on your purpose. This includes in your overall life, moment to moment and in times of challenge. 

Functional Breathing

Master a diverse collection of effective breathing techniques that will calm the mind, balance your emotions, deepen your sleep, increase your energy and focus and activate mental flow. 

Nutrition & Gut Health

Learn the simple food swaps and easy supplement additions that support building a healthy immune system, increasing physical and mental energy and enhancing overall wellbeing.

Sleep Optimisation

Discover the power of optimal sleep: how to deepen it, prioritise it and build routines and rituals that ensure an increase in both quality and quantity of sleep with natural methods and proven techniques.


Obtain a style of meditation that is easy and effortless even for a person with a busy mind. This style will increase mental focus, creative, clarity and boost energy by 25% in 20 minutes. Additionally, access plenty of BONUS guided audios that will place you into different empowered states. 


Cultivate emotional intelligence and learn the power of calm and ease to bring into everyday life to respond to any challenge with (instead of react). Increase self connection and self-other connection. Master working through difficult emotional states with simple techniques that take just minutes.

Movement As Medicine

Tailor a daily movement routine that feels energising, simple and fun, and works as medicine for the body through mobility practices, simple body weight routines and yoga. Enjoy multiple workout program options plus video-based yoga classes within the program to stream from your device. 

Right Now, We Are All Experiencing:

Unprecedented Uncertainty

When our most basic human need of certainty is met, we no longer need to act from “flight or fight” and feel anxious. Instead, we settle back into life with joy and presence.

Emotional Overwhelm

When we know how to effectively process the constant sea of information, we sleep more easily, feel more energised and act with a greater sense of productivity and purpose.

Lack of Concrete Direction

When we have proven routines that support our mind, body and human spirit, we can maintain a centred internal world that can adapt to change.

Who Is Calm Mind Co?

Calm Mind Co empowers organisations to cultivate resilience and increase flow to enhance life and expand impact.

Founded by Amber Hawken and partnered with Brett Robinson, their combined background in medical studies and high performance coaching for Olympic athletes and CEOs allows them to deliver programs that draw upon:

Science & physiology, Strength & conditioning, Breath work, Meditation, Yoga, Deep-state re-patterning & mindset, Emotional intelligence, Nutrition & gut health.

With over 50 years of combined team experience delivering trainings to private enterprises, government institutions, schools and universities, our teachings are simple, effective and can be implemented immediately - nothing else required.

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Getting Your Organisation Access To THRIVE 

THRIVING within the workplace requires clarity, calm, personal vision and the ability to have a constant stream of inspired energy. Without guidance and strategies for a daily routine to support wellbeing, staff quickly get disconnected, lose their motivation and burnout.

Simply fill out the form below and one of our team members will be in touch to answer any questions about THRIVE and or guide you on the next steps for how to get immediate access for your staff. 

You're In Good Hands

I always thought I was not the ‘type of person’ who needed meditation. How wrong I was! We are ALL the type of people who NEED meditation. When I fill my own cup up I have more to give to everyone around me. Since working with Calm Mind Co I am a better businessman, husband and friend.

- Anthony Bartolo, Owner of ACTV Fitness Gold Coast

Resilience breeds resourcefulness. This is innovation; from ego to eco. Companies need this now more than ever. What I used to look at as a crisis I now look at as an opportunity. I didn’t know how much I needed it until I look back and see how norm was stress and I wasn’t even aware of it. It changed my internal world forever and my external success is a direct reflection of that.

- Hayley Gorlitz-Wilson, Marketing Director, Outsource Institute Australia

I’ve accessed new mindful ways that have supported me in sitting with uncomfortable emotions and embracing “the suck” when needed.

- Kate Page, Lululemon Regional Training Manager


We know THRIVE is amazing. We want you to know that too. When you submit an enquiry with us, you will be redirected to a page where you can register to get 7 days free access to the entire program and explore your way around. We want you to invest with certainty!

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